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IT4B applies technology to businesses to improve the wealth of the business owner!!

IT4B started life as a software development and network consultancy back in 1992. Now its a way of life for those that are involved and their customers.

We are a small business that is focused on enhancing small business owners lives through the cost effective implementation of the very latest technology. It's fun, it's unbelievably inexpensive to do most things and it means that business owners who have been trapped in their offices for years can now monitor, run and advance their business from wherever they find themselves - All by implementing a few technologies - like Web Mail - Private Networks - IP telephony - Web Cameras and Web sites. This site illustrates some of these. 

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MountainsHere are some photos of great places and people that cameras have snapped since digital photography started some 25 years ago. Here are the links for the IT4B community to access their Web Mail

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